• February 7, 2015 - Oakland, CA

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    On February 7th, thousands of people from all corners of the state will take to the streets of Oakland to call on Governor Jerry Brown to protect all Californians from dangerous oil activities that harm our water, our health and our communities.

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  • Climate Leaders Don't Frack!

    Big Oil Brown?

    California's Governor Jerry Brown has a problem: he wants to be seen as a climate champion who understands the science and takes this crisis seriously. At the same time, he just proposed new fracking rules in California that would amount to a gift to Big Oil. He can't have it both ways.

    The facts are clear: we already have more oil than we can afford to burn, meaning every drop of fracked oil in the state will contribute directly to climate catastrophe.

    California has been a climate leader in the past and it can be again. But only with a ban on fracking.

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'Big Oil Brown' or Climate Champ?

The Basics: Climate Math 101

California is home to one of the largest remaining deposits of oil in the country: the Monterey Shale. It has 13.7 billion barrels of oil locked underground and fossil fuel companies are spending millions trying to dig it up with hydraulic fracturing techniques. If they’re successful, this oil would be above and beyond what our best scientists say we already can’t afford to burn. Governor Brown’s latest actions make it clear he’s excited by the potential of the Monterey oil play and is paving the way for increased fracking across the state.

Climate Leaders Don't Frack!

It's really not that complicated...

Fracking Facts

Fracking is already happening in some parts of California, but if Jerry Brown and Big Oil get their way, it could explode in the state. In many parts of the country, fracking operations are digging up natural gas – which has its own problems – but in California, this dangerous process will largely be used to dig up dirty oil. The Governor is forgetting that his first priority is the well-being of his constituents, not oil industry profits. Jerry needs to pick a side: either he's the climate champion he says he is, or he's Big Oil Brown, champion of fracking and the oil companies.
  • Climate Impacts

    There’s no question that we need to leave oil in the ground, and using fracking to get it out makes that no brainer even clearer. Fracking is extremely energy intensive, and has also been seen to encourage methane leakage, which can contribute massively to global warming as well.

  • Water Impacts

    Fracking uses roughly 4 million gallons of water and 80,000 gallons of proppants and chemicals per fracturing. In a state like California where water is so precious, every gallon counts. And with climate change reducing snowpack in the Sierras and changing weather patterns, water will become even more scarce in the state.

  • Community Impacts

    Fracking already takes place within a mile of over 15 million Americans. There are over 1,000 documented cases of water contamination near fracking wells and most of the operations in California would take place in the Central Valley, where a quarter of the nation's food is produced.

What Governor Brown Has to Say

Is Jerry a Climate Leader or not?

Jerry Brown

Governor / California

A Climate Champ…

“After decades of pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, humanity is getting dangerously close to the point of no return… Those who still deny global warming’s existence should wake up and honestly face the facts.”

“As the science keeps coming in, with very serious consequences, there’s a consequence of no action, and eventually people are going to change. Whether they change in time or not remains the big question.”


…or Fossil Fuel Champ?

“California is going to need petroleum-based energy for a long time, even as it transitions to a lower carbon future.”

“The fossil fuel deposits in California are incredible, the potential is extraordinary…”

Dirty Energy Connections in California

Dirty Energy Money and other unsavory industry links

Dirty Energy Money

The oil and gas industry has given millions to California's elected officials over the years and money keeps pouring in. Near the top of the dirty donor list is Occidental Petroleum a California-based oil company with a massive stake in the future of fracking the Monterrey Shale. It, along with buddies like Chevron, regularly 'max out' each election cycle, meaning they give as much as they legally can to their favorite candidates. This makes sure their interests are well served in Sacramento.

Big Money Backchannels

One way fossil fuel companies get around campaign contribution limits is by supporting their favorite elected officials in other, less obvious ways – like pouring hundreds of thousands into their ballot initiatives and giving generously to charities they're associated with.

Doing the Industry's Dirty Work

The fossil fuel industry's influence in California goes deep. Early in 2013 State Senator Rubio resigned his position and took a comfy job at Chevron. But it doesn't stop at revolving doors. Two top oil and gas regulators were abruptly fired in 2011 after industry complaints. The reason? They refused to create a shortcut for drillers looking to move forward with a risky oil extraction process.

All of the Above = Climate Denial

Advocating an 'All of the Above' energy plan is the newest form of climate denial. It's time for Governor Brown to face the facts and ban fracking!

The Time to Act is Now

The current drought emergency should be the final straw for fracking!

Governor Brown declared a drought emergency in California and now he needs to put an immediate halt to water-intensive fracking.

This drought is devastating farmers livelihoods, causing an increased risk of wildfires, and threatening our water supplies. So why is the Governor still allowing fracking to take place? Fracking wells can consume between 2 and 10 MILLION gallons of water in their lifetime. There’s no excuse for inaction.

Sign your name to the right to send an urgent message directly to Governor Brown telling him:

California cannot afford to continue wasting water on fracking. It not only endangers our communities, but also our climate. With your drought declaration it’s clear the time is now: Stop fracking in California immediately.

Governor Brown has the authority to place an immediate ban on fracking in California and it’s time he used it!